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>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, a california man that made the movie that sparked deadly protests across the middle east gets a visit from federal agents. cleaning up the world. how you can volunteer today probably not too far from where you live. i'm terry mcsweeney. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> lisa: just cloudy everywhere in morning. here is san jose, 57 degrees and you will look for a high in the low 80 95.. we will be looking at the clouds and low fog. partly cloudy in livermore. clear skies in concord. look what happens by about 10:00. we're sunny everywhere for san mateo coast and in and around marin county but we'll warm it up. nice temperature spread, 60s and
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70s around the bay with some 80s as you head to our east bay valleys. today will be pretty warm in our inland valleys. changes coming up in the second half of the weekend new this morning, one of the largest volunteer efforts in the world takes place today. here in the bay area, those of volunteers are expected to hit beaches, shorelines for the state's coastal cleanup day. they will be picking up debris and other discarded junk. more than a hundred countries are taking part in an international day. 9 million pounds of garbage picked up last year. coastal commission says 1.3 million pounds of trash was picked up here in california alone. volunteers started at dozens of location. lake merritt is cleaning up and san jose, guadalupe visitors
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center at 4:30 on coleman avenue. in richmond head to the park and marina parkway. many, many more local events posted on their website. also new this morning, first search for sierra lamar since the effort was cut back to saturdays only is under way. it has been six months since sierra was last seen in march on her way to school. a person was arrested and charged with murder based on dna evidence found in her car but there is still no signs of sierra. find sierra search center at morgan hill between now and 9:00 this morning. >> san jose police are investigating the death of an 8-year-old boy that was struck by a truck while riding a pocket
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bike. it happened on highway 87 on hillsdale avenue. the child darted out on the highway and died later at the hospital. the driver of the truck is cooperating and so far does not face charges. >> the death of a sebastopol teenager in peru has shaken his classmates. they are posting memories of kyle nolan. he graduated last year set himself out to south america. he died consuming drink in ritual and was buried in the jungle. ama daetz has more on the tragic ending. >> when nolan did not return home his mother and sister made the trip to the south to find him. >> no one has seen from him or heard from him. he hasn't left peru according to immigration. it's like he vanished. >> police say this shaman had
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been arrested after confess to go burying nolan. two men are accused of helping a man dispose of the body in the jungle. he led authorities to the body and told officials he died after exceeding the dosage of a medicinal plant. his parents knew he was going to take part in a ritual. that hallucinogenic brew is used by indian peoples as a way to heal people. back in home, word of his death spread quickly. >> lucas is a senior at analy high school. he found out about his death through social media. >> the family posted about it. there was a nolan page on facebook. >> everybody everyone is talking about what happened to nolan even in school. >> we talked about it in class today. some of the teachers had him
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dash lot of people were sad about that. developing news, the southern california man tied to that anti-islamic movie has led to middle east protest got a visit from officers today. he answered questions. probation officers did the questioning because he is a felon because of a conviction on financial crimes. the office for his company, media nor christ is all locked up this morning. bodies of the four americans who died in the violence sparked by that movie are back on american soil this morning. ambassador chris stevens was among those killed during an attack in benghazi libya. ♪ >> military procession escorted their coffins and joint base
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andrews in maryland. president obama called him everything america could want as an ambassador. hillary clinton knew him personally. >> during the revolution in libya he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tyrant and he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> after yesterday's ceremonies the bodies were sent to a more terry in delaware. >> terry: this morning our media partner reports a caltrain operator had smoked marijuana before a near disaster at south san francisco station. passengers jumped for their live when a speeding train barreled down at them at 75 miles an hour back on august 24. the passengers were legally crossing the tracks but the train almost hit them. they say the engineer whose train was stopped tested
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positive for pot and both engineers should have been in radio contact while on paid administrative leave pending on an investigation. >> in southern california, firefighters are back on attack on a brush fire. this is burning in los angeles east of interstate 405 above the sepulveda pass. two aircraft dropped water on the flames last night. fire broke out about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and moved quickly uphill in bellaire. no homes have been damaged. it's charred about 70 acres and 40% contained. >> we are learning more about the man under arrest in connection with the death of a 29-year-old woman whose body that was found last week. 69-year-old lawrence jones is in custody down in southern california. she professor at the naval postgraduate school in monterey.
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jones' is the victim of the ex-husband and they were still living together. the body was found in wooded area. they executed a search warrant and they determined she had been killed there before the body was transported. >> coming up, the vigil for a south bay clerk that was robbed and killed last weekend. what brought out so many people to remember a man most of them only knew as mo. >> a scary sighting off the santa cruz coast. look out for that.
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>> terry: milpitas police are trying to shotd track down robbers during a robbery last weekend the. last night the community came out to remember a man they knew only as mo. "abc 7 news" reporter nick smith has the details. >> they take a life and destroy but it has brought us together. >> the clerk who was robbed and killed last saturday brought people from all over milpitas. >> they come together as a community. not as a lunch mob. >> they only knew the man in passing but still connected by a violent loss that hit close to home and need to bring those
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responsible to justice. >> turn yourself in. don't be hunted down like a dog. that doesn't make you a man. >> mo was killed by three armed gunmen inside the store only two blocks from the police station. they talked about social media and photos released by investigators were passed out. diana has lived here most of her life. this her first vigil and she wants to make it her last. >> people would rather kill somebody or knock an old lady or old man down and rob them. it can't go on. >> they are investigating the homicide. they have not released any details beyond the suspect's photo but those gathered are hoping that an arrest is made soon. >> if you are man enough to do it, be a man to admit it. >> there is a $10,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. for more information, go to our
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website at >> terry: new this morning, the battle against west nile virus resumed in santa clara county with pesticide spraying in a section of san jose. starting at 11:00, county vector control will be ground fogging in the area boarding by blossom hill road, colleen drive and curry drive. the mosquitoes can carry the disease and spread to it humans. >> two great white sharks have been spotted off the coast of santa cruz county and not far off the coast. yesterday the research foundation took these photos during a patrol of this area. this shark was spotted they're at sea cliff state beach. researchers are saying the shark got so close to the marina you could have reached out and touched it. nobody did. that is good news. the other great white was 16 feet long. it was spotted stalking dolphins
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right now we want to thank all of you who have been part of the abc7 sleep train foster kids campaign. the number of donations have doubled. organizers say the response was so overwhelming, they almost ran out of warehouse space. now it's time to give it all way. children are going to stop by and pick out everything they need. >> i have to say thank you. it may seem like a pair of shoes or backpack but to our kids it's something that belongs to them. that is something we can't replace. >> thanks to your generosity and hundreds of foster children will receive clothes and backpacks filled with school supplies. usually when there is a woman on the verge of tears it sounds like a negative story but it's
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the best possible story. pretty foggy and fog has been dense. and it's beginning to clear in parts of the bay. you can see the glimpse of sunlight and we have clear conditions inland. temperatures are pretty cool right now in the north bay but we're going to warm up. a warmer day of the weekend, we'll tell you right when we come back. >> fighting for the wildcard, a's open an series with the baltimore orioles who are seeing double after this one. highlights c
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>>. >> terry: i have to tell you things are clearing up to a degree at the bay bridge. >> we want to show you santa cruz where it's really foggy. >> surf city. >> lisa: going down there today. >> terry: going to stinson beach. >> lisa: 75 later today there. and sleeping lady from sutro camera, you are looking at north bay. so the fog has been dense, assaulting low to the ground. it has expanded in coverage. we're looking at the shorter days, longer nights feeling like
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fall, official week of spring until the equinox comes next saturday. low clouds and fog, you'll notice it is right along the coast from san mateo down along san jose. we had it in the livermore valley, partly cloudy skies but we still have a little bit of fog. we are looking at numbers on the cool side with low 50s. mid-50s in oakland. we're beginning to see holes in the overcast around sfo and delays and all the construction there. 57 in redwood city with more clouds in san jose. 57 for you. fog at the coast around the bay this morning. a wide range of temperatures today will begin to keep that range a little more narrow and take the 90s out of the forecast tomorrow. so that is cooler day. today we are looking at not only the dense fog this morning but that is going to make for that
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burnoff within the next hour or two around most of the bay. coast will take longer. we're in between systems, high ridge pressure that is baking southern california. here is the trough that is coming into play in some neighborhoods the next couple of days. some of you won't noticed much change at all. for others it will be breezy around the bay. in fact today we'll have those whitecaps again but we have a red flag when you talk about extreme northwest california, wind gusts perhaps over 35 miles an hour. talking about the baking heat in southern california once again, 100 degrees with very warm temperatures. despite the west wind trickling through the delta, managing mid-90s in the sacramento valley and back home. here is nice spread we are used to low 60s at the coast. cooler than average and san francisco and oakland, north end
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of the bay, santa rosa you are around normal as well as san jose. you'll notice 90s returning in livermore. the renaissance fair today and looking at hollister with numbers in the mid 80s and for that game, one of many games around the bay. we are looking at 62 at 6:00 in oakland. fog will be coming back over night for everyone and cooler days right through the middle of the week. then warming up. so football, of course, on the peninsula with mid-70s there for stanford game. >> terry: big nile niner game it looks nice for that one. 1:00. >> we'll see sunshine. if you go to that game, in order to avoid repeat of violence, this was at a game between the niners and raiders, plainclothes police will be dressed in lions gear and others
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will be 49ers fan. they will be looking for rowdys. >> in a few hours, cal place against ohio state buckeyes right here on abc7. last night the a's return home to begin an important series against the baltimore orioles. larry beil has the highlights. >> good morning, a's and orioles opening up in oakland on fireworks night and star wars night. doesn't get any cuter than this, look at yoda! and he looks pretty good right here. two-run shot off of joe saunders. tommy malone, solid. chris davis takes him deep to center field and just gone. 26 for davis and we're tied at 2. a's regain the lead at the bottom half of the fifth.
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johnny goals singles and big night for their a's. including this one in the 7th. this more defense to end the game and derek norris guns him down trying to steal. a's win 3-2. >> giants and d'backs, trying to get a foul ball. matt cain, two strikesouts and five walks. and five innings and hunter pence, bases loaded in the third. grand slam, third of pence's career. they get out a no jam in the sixth. giants adding a run in the eighth by the relief pitcher who never gets any. an r.b.i. single. they win 6-2. >> can you just imagine 49ers
8:24 am
coach jim harbaugh and jim schwartz meeting at midfield and exchange ago warm, friendly hug. this whole handshake business is irrelevant. but we like to talk about it. niners beat detroit and harbaugh almost touched off a fight. they are going to try to stop johnson. handshake is still a hot topic. >> seen it a bunch of times since. there is a bunch of n.f.l. things that go on after the season. when two teams take the field, one thing will be on their mind and that is what important. >> what about the handshake? >> without incident. >> the cal football team has a huge task to go to columbus and knock off ohio state. kind of shaky.
8:25 am
16-point underdogs. trying to contain this guy, braxton miller. while many see doom here, get set for the opportunity. >> fired up for it. go to column bus. playing in front of the huge crowd, it's a great opportunity and great experience for the kids. i'm fired up about it. >> we will have the cal-ohio state game right here, 9:00 a.m. kickoff. 8:30 also at "lexus after the game". >> wrong time for the 49er game tomorrow. it's at 5:20 and starts at candlestick, partly cloudy and cool. >> federal probation officers interview a southern california film maker to an islamic movie inflaming movie across the middle east. >> we'll look at the debate on
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whether the controversial film should be pulled from youtube. space shuttle endeavour ready for a cross-country
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>>. >> terry: topping our news, developing news this morning, al-qaeda's branch in yemen is praising the killing of the u.s. ambassador in libya saying it was in direct response of a drone attack that killed the number two man. the attack was planned and executed. al-qaeda is calling for more attacks to expel more americans from muslim nations, it's spread to 31 countries sparking by a southern california anti-islam movie. the film maker is shown here emerging from the sheriff's station in southern california after being questioned by federal probation officers looking whether he violated probation while making the film.
8:30 am
>> i made it clear that the united states has a profound respect for people of all faiths. we stand for religious freedom. we reject the denigration of any religion including islam. but there is never any justification for violence. there is no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women. there is no excuse for attacks on our embassies an consulates. the united states will never tolerate our efforts to harm fellow americans. >> demonstrations are being held in 31 countries where four people have been killed in the chaos. u.s. troops are on their way to secure embassies in sudan, yemen and libya. due to the circumstances, a question remains, should youtube pull the offensive video clip from their website. >> reporter: in more than 30 countries, rioting and two other
8:31 am
embassies are under siege. film has sparked anti-american violence killing and reactions from muslims to northern california. >> it was disrespectful and outrageous. something like this to put out to represent any people. >> they viewed the video and he agrees with the muslim argument for taking it off the web but disagrees with the violent reaction it sparked. >> they want to defend islam but as a muslim, i know that you do not harm anybody. >> freedom of speech is the crux of the argument is whether the video should be censored. white house called it offensive and requested that google that owns youtube. we reached out to youtube and asked them to review whether it violates their terms of news. >> when the white house calls
8:32 am
you up and asks you about a video it sends a chilling effect. >> international freedom expression order and google has blocked the video in several countries but the idea that the u.s. might consider censoring it is problematic. >> they would have to demonstrate that the content of the video or the message was illegal in some way. first amendment is fairly strong stumbling block. >> they have restricted it to comply to local laws rather than response of local pressure. >> we have restricted it in countries where it is illegal given the sensitive situation in those countries. >> the man who made the anti-muslim video is a felon who is banned from using computers or the internet as part of his sentence. california's probation department is reviewing the
8:33 am
case. >> terry: two u.s. marines are dead after an attack in afghanistan. they were killed when the taliban launched an assault on the main coalition base. seven marines were reportedly wounded in the assault. that is the base where prince harry is stationed as a helicopter pilot and attack may have targeted him. taliban issued a statement they were going to try to kidnap or kill. the prince was on the base yesterday but he was not injured. she celebrating his 28th birthday. >> things could be more hectic at san francisco airport. one of the main runways is under repair. construction crews will be installing new lights, part of a federally mandated safety upgrade. number of flights will be reduced to 60 per hour down to 30. final preparations are underway
8:34 am
for the space shuttle endeavour that will take it over the bay area. the shuttle is now atop a 747. it takes off monday. by thursday it will making its way to the bay area and endeavour will do a low level flyover around mountain view where the heat shields were developed. it will fly over san francisco and over the golden gate bridge to be specific. get your cameras ready. coming up next, desperate effort to save the life of a two-year-old boy with leukemia and how you can help. muni rider on the quest to find the driver that found his precious jewels and did the right thing. live picture, go to the golden gate bridge, just talking about it. i hope the endeavour doesn't have that kind of weather. we'll find out when the fog will
8:35 am
lift there coming up from lisa argen in just a few minutes.
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[ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed, in deep red apples and in each golden bead. it blends into a perfect crunch you'll savor, giving us the most perfect lesson in flavor. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. crispy granola, layered with creamy peanut butter or rich dark chocolate flavor. 90 calories. 100% natural. and nature...approves. granola thins. from nature valley. nature at its most delicious. welcome back everybody. looking out from mount tam,
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looking over the sutro tower and looking good above the fog and if in response, we have a shot from sutro looking back at tam saying, right back at you. there is a conversation going on. all the conversations with lisa argen coming up in a couple of minutes. >> san francisco there are two more opportunities to help save a bay area toddler's life. we report is this story earlier this week. we had a chance to meet the families. this is jeremy of san francisco. he has a rare form of leukemia. he needs a bone marrow transplant before undergoing a third round of chemotherapy. that is scheduled for november. there are no matches in the current bone marrow registry. bone marrow drives at san jose state earlier this week, they are trying to find a match. it's most likely make up from an asian donor. his aunt is hoping that people
8:39 am
will set aside old superstitions and come out and help. one at dragon boat festival on treasure island. another at chinatown ymca on sacramento street. san francisco muni passenger left his briefcase on the bus but he got it back and everything was still inside. now, he wants to personally thank the driver who took time to do a really cool threatening. here is our reporter with more. >> four seconds after i got off the bus. it just started, there is no dealing with it. >> reporter: he stepped off the bus and he accidentally left his briefcase on the muni bus. >> my laptop and my wallet, check biobooks, medication. >> and his platinum ring and bracelet and 14 diamonds that
8:40 am
decorate them. >> i just gotten a thank you letter from mrs. mr and mrs. obama for one of my paints that hangs at the white house. >> he filed a report for but he thought he would never see them again. five days later he got a call from muni's lost and found they had his bag even the jewelry. >> amazing. such honesty these days. that driver deserves a reward. if i weren't broke i would give her cash. >> a spokesperson confirms the lost and found case. that muni is working to find out the good samaritan driver is. >> it's not uncommon for a driver to go the extra mile. a lot of the perception is the other way.
8:41 am
this story to come out and we would live to give the operator their credit. >> other muni riders like san francisco resident jill brenner are given hope that his good fortune may sometime turn into theirs. >> it's awesome to see that kind of community. >> i would hope that would happen in my case, as well. >> paul rose tell me they did identify the drive. he was driving all day and they couldn't let her know she is the good samaritan driver. once they get ahold of her they will initiate a reunion. >> terry: the weekend is here and depending on where you are in the bay area you have clouds, partly cloudy or sunny skies. you can take your pick. >> later on the sun is going to win out. big day. >> terry: everywhere. >> lisa: yeah, we're talking. >> terry: davenport. >> lisa: it's going to be
8:42 am
cloudy. we're getting sunshine in san francisco. 65 and a little cool for the city. still very warm inland. i'll have those temperatures in a minute. >> terry: and holiday down at the farms, they shoot a film at stanford university. >> living on budgeted doesn't mean you have to give up on all the fun. i'm michael finney, later, three tips to put you on the road to fun and financial security.
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we're looking at a live picture at santa cruz where lisa argen assures me it's going to be sunny and great place to be even when it's foggy. later on the sun is going to shine but if you want it right now, go to vollmer and mount diablo. top of tam has got some sun. take it easy and enjoy the sunny
8:46 am
morning and lisa argen says she means everywhere. a welcome distraction to stanford students as a film crew overtook part of the campus for a film. jonathan bloom was there with the star struck students. >> there is music in the air, yeah! whoa, yea. >> the last time they were together was in the wedding crashes but lately they have been showing up together again on college campuses. >> here they are walking with the notre dame football team and the duo was recently spotted at georgia tech filming scenes for the upcoming movie the intern. much to the delight of the students they're filming more scenes here at stanford. >> it's pretty cool to do
8:47 am
something at stanford. >> reporter: the crew filmed at the main quad but professor had a front row seat from his office window and tweeted this photo of shooting a scene. they play two unemployed 40 somethings to land a coveted internship at google. but in real life they can't exactly help being star struck. >> hopefully i will see owen but we'll see. it's really cool, he was walking outside and he waved back. that was exciting. >> i think it's in a good way. >> if you ran into him what would you do? >> i would say hi, and i love your hair. >> if you didn't catch a glimpse rumor has it the interns will be filming around san francisco over the weekend.
8:48 am
>> terry: lisa argen is here now not a lot -- wait a minute. i see a ray of sunshine gliding across the bay bridge. we're going to have sunshine after this is over. am i right. >> lisa: you are right and it's thing out this morning, as we head outside, from the roof camera it is brightening up a little bit. bay bridge there and nice pan for us rebecca doing it. temperatures are running cool in the city and across the bay. north and sound eth of the bay, pretty seasonal but we are talking about slightly cooler weather. subtle changes. good morning, live doppler, fog and low clouds have not only been hugging the shoreline and they have pushed over the bay. with this marine layer at about
8:49 am
1200 feet deep. it's rather shallow and higher pressure pushing down on the atmosphere and that is allowing for the dense fog in spots. especially in the north bay and also around the santa cruz area. be careful if you are headed around monterey ifer out for a jog this morning. temperatures right now, pretty comfortable in the 50s in fact temperatures in the upper 50s as we head down south toward san jose. it's been about 50 and not moving much around napa. temperatures will begin to warm up. we'll see numbers north around cloverdale from warmer locations pushing 90 degrees. mid 50s in oakland and delays at sfo, construction on the runways there. 58 in mountain view. fog around the coast and bay this morning. wide range of temperatures, a few 90s as you head out towards the tri-valley and bit cooler in some neighborhoods.
8:50 am
we are talking about the wind today, white caps on the bay. if it has been breezy around your house, it's been relatively stable. this trough right here beginning to play into the forecast for the next couple of days. it's especially close to the bay and at our coast. yesterday it was cloudy at the coast. we are looking at fog burning back quicker. with the cooling trend the numbers will drop. today we are looking at numbers in the low 60s at the shoreline. to the east of us, nothing but heat also in southern california. locally gusty winds for northwest nevada for a red flag warning until 8:00 tonight. relative humidity below 10%. los angeles, 100 there. up in big sur. spread from low 60s with plenty of sunshine in the city all the
8:51 am
way to the tri-valley. 88 today in concord. look for 81 in san jose. renaissance fair later on today, down in the south bay, santa cruz area, 71 in watsonville and everybody has been talking about the game, low 60s 6:00 for the a's and talking about tomorrow, talking about the football game at candlestick park, the fog will be on its way back then but we won't get rid of it totally. more of a breeze and temperatures cool back to the middle of the week. the evening at candlestick. >> no one had to tell you the bay area is an expensive place to live but there are tricks to make the city a little more affordable. michael finney shows us this morning. >> i'm coming off of summer, like a lot of people. >> that is katie.
8:52 am
she author of two smart cookies book offering financial advice. she says many of us has spent a lot of money on summer trips and vacations and more recently on back to school expenses. >> you are starting out and like how expensive things have been. >> she was drowning in debt until she figured it all out. here is the top three tips. number one, know what you are spending. >> it's easy to say, i don't even want to know what i am spending. you need to know. >> two, set aside some money for savings or bringing down your debt. >> make it automatic. >> finally, get things for free and try to make things yourself. >> you can have a rich life without spending much money at all. >> one free week of yoga classes is being offered at 2200 studios nationwide. >> so it's great for getting more grounded and more centered.
8:53 am
i think it really benefits your family and makes you more productive. >> it's all part of national yoga month. >> i had a great workout. it would probably over hundred dollars in week so it's great to try it out. >> and dragon boat festival is this weekend. event is free races and family activities. september 28, the plaza and united nations plaza will have 24 days of free performances. it's part of 24 days of central market art. members of the san francisco's fly away productions. >> they are amazing company, they specialize doing in aerial working on the sides of building. they will be doing a ballet on the front of the hotel. >> the website features many free things along with free financial vision. find a link to everything we
8:54 am
mentioned in this story on abc7 >> coming up next, a maltese eagle worth five million dollars. meet the maltese falcon. fame meets fortune. where you [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation,
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>> terry: a solid jewel maltese
8:57 am
eagle is part of a breast cancer charity fund-raiser. known as the golden eagle is worth five million. it arrived yesterday. it's on display of the home of the malte 7 falcon. john's grill on ellis street. the owner plans to sell the statue and donate a million dollars to breast cancer charities. you can view it until 2:00 to 4:00 and tomorrow 3:30 to four their the on john's grill here in the city. give me a taste of the forecast. >> we're still pretty grey, this is view from mount tam. lots of clouds out there. marine layer at about thousand feet deep and clearing from our east bay valleys. in another hour or so. we'll see 9:00 or 10:00, parts of the east bay will be clear and we're talking coastal clearing by the early afternoon. 60 there.
8:58 am
coastal cleanup day. low 90s inland and cooling, a little bit tomorrow into early next week. >> terry: thanks for joining us. abc7 news continues at 4:00 right before and after college football coverage. next, it's cal up against ohio state, followed by navy game. at 5:00, notre dame battles michigan state.
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